So last night I was surfing on the internet. I was looking for a job to do while I am on summer holidays. I find many, many jobs, but guess what! I could not apply for any. First of all I haven’t graduated, and I don’t have any experience. Some of the jobs were for women and some of them were hiring sellers or something like that. So I decided to give up and spend the rest of the day doing something else. Then, As always happens to me I remember something that one of my teachers told me. ‘The first job you may find as a translator is as freelancer’ that was it! I started to look for web pages related to freelancers and some tutorials and tips. I have to say I couldn’t find a job yet, but a think I’m getting closer. So guys if some of you know who wants to translate from English to Spanish or vice versa please let me know.

On the other hand I have I told you that I started to study Russian? Today I learned the Russian alphabet. I’m so excited! I know that’s not much but I think that the best way to learn is by practicing, and that’s why I’m going slowly. Don’t worry I will learn faster as soon as I learn the basics.

Hope to write something soon an I may take some pictures next time.


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