Today I received an email from WordPress. It said that I should focus on a topic. I have to be sincere, when I started to write on this blog I did it with no idea about what to write. I know that this is very important in order to get to a particular audience. So, now I am thinking about what will be my topic. I promise that next time I write I will have my topic.

About my day, well, I went to University because I had to check my exam in order to avoid errors in it. I have to say I didn’t have a great grade but I think I will be able to pass with no honours, but pass at least. After having checked my exam I took out the garbage and then I drove to my mother’s home and here I am writing and watching Resident Evil and talking to my friend about tomorrow’s party.

By the way, I bit my tongue when I was having lunch. I thought it was just a little accident, but then I realize that I was bleeding. I run into the bathroom and when I spit in the sink I saw a lot of blood coming out. I almost cry! I looked in the mirror and I realized I had a wound of approximately one millimetre long. It was really painful. I couldn’t eat anything else since that time because it hurts even when I talk.

That’s all for today’s post. I wish I get better soon because I’m starting to have hungry.

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