Coming back

Photo: University of Nottingham

One year has passed and now I have finished my English BA at the University of Veracruz. I spend most of the time looking for a job that involves translation or localization. I worked a few months as an English teacher but I didn’t feel comfortable in that post I guess because it wasn’t well paid and because they want too much for me and I didn’t receive a good wage from them for doing it.

As I said, I spend at least 2 hours a day looking for jobs on the internet. I have found many jobs for freelancers and I decided to become one. First, because I need to keep practicing my translation skills and, second, I want to get more experience in translation. So, yesterday when I was looking for those jobs I found one related to video games. I asked myself why not? But, what am I suppose to do for that industry? Most of the time they need native language speakers to check the grammar and make corrections. However, that was not totally true, some companies look for people to test the “language of the game” that means they have to make translations sometimes and as a result localization! That will be a perfect job for me. So I applied for the QA language tester.

I am learning many things about the responsibilities involved in such a work. I know it is a hard and daring job but I think I can handle it. Meanwhile I have sent my resume and cover letter to a few companies. I hope one give me a chance to demonstrate what I am made of.

I know all I write sounds almost impossible, but that’s why I started this blog isn’t it?

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