As soon as I finished my BA I decided to get a job. So, the first thing I did as look for something on the internet. It was not a surprise to find that all the works needed a resume or curriculum.

That night, I decided to write it; however, again, I did not have any idea of how a curriculum was. A quick search showed me that most of the curriculum-related sites agree  that a curriculum has to show the strengths of a candidate. In addition, a curriculum has to be filled with all your personal data and education background. Moreover, your experience in your previous jobs. That was a problem, even though I own a BA I had no experience in any previous job. I had professional practicing at Xalapa’s Museum of anthropology and I teach some classes. What I did was to write what I am capable to do, my skills, and whatever relevant I learned at schools.

It was grateful when a day someone called me. It was a girl from a school of languages who wanted me for an interview. That was the easy part because I did not do anything but write and surf on the internet. Then, she asked me to go there for an interview. I thought as I live in Mexico that the interview was going to be in Spanish. Wrong. As soon as arrived, the headmaster’s assistant interviewed me all in English! Although  I was not prepared for an English interview I did it well. They hired me two weeks later.

Nowadays I have my resume/curriculum in both Spanish and English just in case.


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