Carlos Nycker is one of those frustrated writers, but weird ones actually, who either writes from his pone on the bus or from his computer in the garden. I said frustrated, because he writes two or three good lines every two weeks at much. Nothing but seeing him the skin shall be feared, nobody knows why, but some chattering-class people, say that one cloudy April day the same bicycle run over him twice and he is what he is since then. Do not stare at him, because some say he bites.

Among his hobbies, there are watching TV or eat nachos at the movies. He loves watching the rain, but not getting wed, and the snow even when he does not know it. When he grows up he wants to be grown and do what he likes; that basically is sitting and writing about how weird and funny the life is. He is a remediless and unlucky lover that may put some more effort in knowing people rather than writing posts in his blogs. Which, surely, apart from Phil (his imaginary rat) and him nobody else knows.

Nycker is just another human more common that the average that tries , from time to time, being normal in a world in which we are all crazy because of living with a broken heart.

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